Strawberry Quick Meth scare spreads widely via Facebook

Facebook users are sharing messages warning that children are being targeted with strawberry-flavoured crystal meth.

But is there any truth in the widespread warning?

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Sigh.. no, Facebook is not ending on March 15th 2012. Hoax spreads quickly

Facebook is to end on March 15 2012, claims the Weekly World News… and many Facebook users seem to believe it.

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‘New Way Gangs Steal, Rape and Kidnap Girls’ hoax spreads on Facebook

Facebook users are innocently sharing advice with their online friends about how women can avoid being kidnapped and raped, not realising that they are perpetuating a hoax.

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Will Twitter donate $1 for every retweet about baby with cancer? No. It’s a hoax

Tens of thousands of Twitter users have been tricked into retweeting a message claiming that Twitter will donate $1 per retweet to a baby needing treatment for cancer.

Of course, it’s a hoax.

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Baby cancer and heart transplant hoaxes on Facebook

Facebook is a fertile breeding ground for hoaxes, spam and chain letters.

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Adam Ant is NOT dead – despite what you may have read on the net

Has 1980s pop star Adam Ant really been killed in a jet ski crash?

If you believe everything you read on Twitter and Facebook, you might think that it’s true. Learn to be more skeptical, and don’t trust everything you read on the net.

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Facebook WON’T donate 45 cents per share for beaten boy’s surgery. It’s a hoax!

Almost 200,000 Facebook users have been duped into sharing and reposting a message about a 14 year old boy who was allegedly beaten badly by his stepfather after protecting his little sister from being raped.

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Hoax! Little boy needs 100 Facebook shares for a heart transplant

A new hoax is spreading between Facebook users, in the mistaken belief that sharing a picture of a sick boy in intensive care will grant him a heart transplant.

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The Pink Profile Pic Facebook virus hoax

A warning is being spread by Facebook users, worried that their friends may have caught a computer virus because their profile picture has gained a pink tinge.

Find out how a campaign to raise awareness and money to fight breast cancer turned into a computer virus scare.

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BlackBerry outage, video apologies, a hoax and Ronnie Corbett

Millions of BlackBerry owners around the world have been feeling the pain this week as messaging and email systems collapsed in a service outage.

Which is hardly the ideal time for a BlackBerry-related hoax to be spread.

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Facebook price grid? $9.99 for gold membership? The charging hoax continues to spread

Duped Facebook users are sharing a message with their online friends, believing it will help them avoid charges of between $3.99 and $9.99 per month.

Of course, the chain letter is completely bogus – and should not be forwarded.

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Facebook to start charging? It’s poppycock!

Will Facebook start charging due to the new profile changes?


But don’t let the truth get in the way of a good old-fashioned chain letter, spreading like billy-o across the social network.

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Pornographic movies posted on Facebook walls?

A warning is spreading like wildfire on Facebook, claiming that hackers are posting pornographic movies on users’ walls which are invisible to the owners of the wall but are visible to friends and family.

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‘May God always bless..’ Facebook virus hoax spreads

Facebook users are sending scary warnings to each other regarding a supposed new piece of malware spreading across the social network.

But is there really a piece of spyware hitting users, or is something else happening?

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Invitation Facebook warning spreads Olympic torch virus hoax

Facebook users are once again warning their online friends about a threat – the only problem this time is that it doesn’t really exist.

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Internet Explorer users have low IQ? Media hoaxed by bogus research

Media organisations are duped by false research claiming that Internet Explorer users are dumb.

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