Shovel Girl dead? No, it’s another hoax spreading on Facebook

A video of two girls fighting (and one of them getting clonked on the head with a shovel) has been spreading virally across social networks.

But did the young girl die? Facebook users would have you believe she did, but here’s the truth…

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No, Apple Maps hasn’t uncovered the Loch Ness Monster

Sorry to disappoint millions of monster-hunters, but the picture that has been spread far and wide across the internet (and even into many newspapers) is *not* of the Loch Ness Monster.

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Fake Malaysia Airlines MH370 advert shows you shouldn’t rush to believe on the internet

The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has understandably perplexed the world.

But think and check your facts before sharing content online. You might not only be in danger of looking like you’ve been duped, but helping to compound someone’s heartache.

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No, 7-year-old Eli Moreno wasn’t abducted after playing the Talking Angela app

A news story claims that a seven-year-old boy has been abducted after his mother installed the Talking Angela app on her iPhone.

But should you believe it? And, most importantly, should you forward the story to others?

1 min read

No, the Talking Angela app wasn’t created by me

I was thinking that things were already bonkers enough with the “Talking Angela” app hoax that has spread widely across the internet.

And then I got the strangest phone call…

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Talking Angela app scare spreads between English and French Facebook users

A warning spreads on Facebook about “Talking Angela”, a smartphone app that gives your children some animated cat chat.

But it’s all too simple for people to share warnings – rather than check if the facts are true.

4 min read

‘Missing Amy Hamilton’ poster spread on Facebook and Twitter is a racist hoax

It has been revealed that a right-wing group is responsible for a sick hoax, claiming that a six-year-old girl has been kidnapped by an Asian grooming gang.

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WhatsApp shutting down on 28th January? It’s a hoax

A hoax spreads on WhatsApp telling users to forward a warning to all of their friends, or risk having their account deactivated.

I guess you can tell that a social messaging service has become popular with the masses when the hoaxes and chain letters begin to spread in fury.

1 min read

WhatsApp to start charging for every message you send? It’s a hoax

Users of WhatsApp, the immensely popular instant messaging app for smartphones, are being duped into spreading a hoax message to their friends and contacts – claiming that the service will begin to charge for every message sent.

1 min read

Secret Bitcoin mining hoax risks wiping Mac users’ data

Everyone likes a laugh, but it’s not always quite so funny if you’re not in on the joke.

Take, for example, the Secret Bitcoin Mining hoax…

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Giraffe virus hoax spreads on Facebook, as users fail to see the joke

Is your iPhone safe from pictures of giraffes?

The latest virus hoax spreading on Facebook says it’s not.

1 min read

Death Age Facebook virus hoax spreads across social network

A new virus hoax is spreading on Facebook, shared by well-intentioned users who believe they are warning their friends and family about a threat – but, in reality, are just adding to the noise.

1 min read

Facebook Video Ads hoax, starring Mark Zuckerberg, continues to spread

A hoax chain letter is being spread across Facebook, between users who believe that the social network is asking their opinion about whether it should implemention video adverts or not.

1 min read

ALL-CAPS virus scare spreads on Facebook, warning of girl with disfigured face

An alarmist warning has spread across Facebook once again, proving once again that many users are far too willing to pass on warnings without checking their facts with a reputable source.

2 min read

Justin Bieber has NOT died in a car crash. But Zaphod Beeblebrox might have done

Messages are being spread by breathless fans of Justin Bieber that the pop star has died in a car crash. The posts, which are being shared on Facebook and Twitter, claim to link to a breaking news story.

But with a little tinkering, you can make it Zaphod Beeblebrox who dies instead…

1 min read

Facebook ‘Graphic App’ privacy warning hoax spreads across social network

Facebook users are getting confused about privacy once again (who can blame them?), and are sharing a warning containing inaccurate advice.

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