UK government threatens to launch drone strikes against hackers

For all its bombastic bravado, the UK government would be wise to remember that it is incredibly difficult to accurately attribute an attack.

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Anthem to stump up record $115 million in data breach lawsuit settlement

Healthcare insurer Anthem looks set to pay a record settlement after hackers stole the personal information of nearly 80 million people.

David Bisson reports.

Movie studio tells all about Dark Overlord’s leak of ‘Orange Is the New Black’

A movie studio has revealed crucial details about how the Dark Overlord hacking group leaked multiple episodes of “Orange Is the New Black” online.

David Bisson reports.

Europol busts 27 burglars for Black box-based ATM logic attacks

Europol has arrested 27 members of an international conspiracy that sought to commit ATM “Black box” attacks across Europe and parts of Scandinavia.

David Bisson reports.

US politicians think companies should be allowed to ‘hack back’ after WannaCry

ACDC bill would give green light for firms to launch counterattacks against hackers. But is that really a good idea?

After hackers fail to extort money, new Pirates of the Caribbean movie torrents appear

Files claiming to be the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie have leaked online after Disney refused to meet hackers’ demands.

David Bisson reports.

Hacking your boss after being caught faking your overtime? That’ll be a $300,000 fine please

A security officer is facing a hefty fine for having hacked his former employer after the company caught him manipulating his work time records.

David Bisson reports.


Hackers who stole information from law firms and made millions by insider trading, fined $9 million

Law firms, PR agencies, newswires, accountants… all manner of firms need to ensure that they are working hard to secure the information entrusted to them by their corporate clients, and keep it out of unauthorised hands.

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Travel tech company Sabre confirms breach affected reservations system

Sabre, a global travel technology company, has confirmed a breach has affected at least some of the many bookings that passed through its reservations system.

David Bisson reports.

Email hackers cost couple their new home

A group of email hackers set off a chain of events that cost a couple the contract on their new home.

David Bisson reports.

Donald Trump’s review of America’s cybersecurity misses its deadline

A planned review of America’s cybersecurity efforts has failed to materialise.

Good job there’s no hacking going on, eh?

The Hajime IoT worm fights the Mirai botnet for control of your devices

The Hajime malware is worming its way through DVRs, CCTV systems, and other poorly-protected Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

David Bisson reports.

Buggy backups! Unplug your WD My Cloud until these flaws are fixed

Consumers who use a Western Digital My Cloud for data backups should unplug their units for the time being due to a series of unpatched vulnerabilities.

David Bisson reports.

Hacking the hackers: Draft US bill would allow hacking victims to hack back

A U.S. representative has proposed a bill that would allow hacking victims to hack back their attackers. But is that a good idea?

David Bisson reports.

Hackers could bypass protective measures to gain access to locked Twitter accounts

Twitter has patched an issue that allowed attackers to bypass protective measures for user accounts that have been locked.

David Bisson reports.

Mike Pence used personal AOL account for government business as Indiana governor

While serving as Governor of Indiana, Mike Pence routinely used his personal AOL email account to conduct government business.

Surprise! It was hacked.

David Bisson reports.