Ars Technica was hacked. Readers advised to change passwords

Oh arse! Registered users of Ars Technica told their passwords might now be in the hands of hackers.

Not that Ars Technica is making the news that obvious on its webpage, mind you…

“Assume every unpatched website running Drupal 7 was compromised”

Content management system Drupal has issued a chilling public service announcement to website admins and internet users who might visit the hundreds of thousands of sites running its software.

Assume your Drupal 7 website is compromised unless you updated it to 7.32 before Oct 15th, 11pm UTC.

JPMorgan and other US banks get hacked. Why is Russia getting the blame?

The big news should be that five US banks apparently got hacked.

Not that someone is guessing that the Kremlin might have been behind it…

Avast anti-virus forum hacked, 400,000 users affected

Yes, you heard that right.

A security company has suffered a security breach. The irony shouldn’t be lost on any of us.