Guccifer 2.0’s schoolboy error reveals he’s hacking from Moscow

So-called “lone hacker” was in fact an officer with Russia’s military intelligence division. Forgetting to enable his VPN on one single occasion helped investigators identify his real location.

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Hillary Clinton used personal email for government business, putting security at risk

Hillary Clinton might be in hot water after it is revealed that she never had an official email account, but was instead using a personal one. That’s potentially a breach of federal law, but it’s definitely a security risk.

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Hacker stole secret script for Downton Abbey finale, six months before broadcast

Guccifer’s latest online attacks against people in the public eye have revealed a few clues about the identity of the notorious hacker.

Now we know he’s a fan of muck-racking unauthorised biographies, Steve Martin, and British period TV drama “Downton Abbey”.

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Sex and the City author hacked, draft of new book is leaked online

Candace Bushnell has her Twitter hacked, and her email, and a draft version of her upcoming book leaked onto the net.

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Colin Powell’s Facebook account has been hacked

Former US Secretary of State Colin Powell is the latest public figure to have fallen victim to hackers, with a series of out-of-character messages posted to his Facebook page.

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