Spying on personal alarms and GPS trackers is as simple as sending an SMS

Security experts found that the devices – manufactured in China, and rebadged by multiple companies around the world – are vulnerable to a simple hack that could allow a hacker to track their location, and even secretly listen in via the microphone.

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Hacker could locate thousands of cars and kill their engines remotely via poorly-secured GPS tracking apps

App accounts were “protected” by a default password. That password? 123456.

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How to avoid sharing your location on Facebook and Twitter

Location data shared in your Facebook and Twitter posts could be abused by individuals and advertisers alike.

Yasin Soliman explains how to ensure that you have the proper privacy controls in place.

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How turning off geotagging on your iPhone could save a rhino’s life

Do you think fears about geotagged photographs are overblown?

Well, maybe a photo tweeted by Professor Alan Woodward of the University of Surrey will change your opinion.

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How to freak out Instagram and Twitter users – and why they need to be more private

Do you share your location on social networks like Instagram and Twitter?

Perhaps once you’ve watched this video you’ll choose not to in future.

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