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87 fake Minecraft mods exposed Android users to scammy websites, aggressive ads

Google has removed 87 fake Minecraft mods from its Play Store that exposed Android users to scammy websites and aggressive ads.

David Bisson reports.

Android YouTube download apps flood devices with ads to secure high ratings for droppers

The adware, detected as Android/Hiddad.BZ, hid itself inside seven applications available for download from the official Google Play app store.

David Bisson reports.

It’s raining. It’s pouring. This fake weather app is stealing your credentials

A new Android banking trojan posed as a legitimate weather forecast app in an effort to steal users’ banking credentials.

David Bisson reports.

Charger Android ransomware spread via the official Google Play app store

You may think that Android app you have just installed from the Google Play store is safe – but is it?

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More than a million Android users have downloaded this trojan on Google Play

The Android.MulDrop.924 trojan likes to disguise itself as games and other apps on Google Play Store and other app marketplaces.

David Bisson reports.

Malware on Google Play steals Viber photos and videos

Security researchers have discovered a malicious app on Google Play that steals photos and videos from the popular social media app Viber.

Trojan found in more than 100 Android apps on Google Play Store

Researchers have uncovered a new strain of advertising spyware in more than 100 Android apps downloadable from the official Google Play Store.

David Bisson reports.

Invisible porn-clicking trojans invade Android’s Google Play store

If malware on your Android phone doesn’t steal any of your information, doesn’t spy upon your activities, doesn’t infect any of your files, and remains invisible… can we still consider it a bad thing? The answer, of course, is yes.

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Google was ever so quick to throw out that Android ad blocker… shame they can be slower on malware

Having rocketed to the top of the download charts in the Google Play store, the Android ad blocker AdBlock Fast fell down to earth with a bump yesterday as it was removed for violating developer guidelines.

Beware! More malicious Android games found in the Google Play store

Once again Google has found itself having to remove Android gaming apps from the official Google Play store after security researchers discovered that they were secretly making unauthorised downloads and attempting to gain root privileges.

VIDEO: Malware hits the Google Play Android app store again (and again)

Two separate groups of security researchers report on malware successfully making its way into Google’s Android app store, waltzing past its built-in security measures.

Over 55% of all Androids at risk of high severity vulnerability

Here we go again…

IBM security researchers find a serious flaw in Android, that could be exploited by malicious hackers to steal information from users.

The Hacking Team Android malware app that waltzed past Google Play’s security checks

BeNews looks, to all intents and purposes, like an app designed to give you the latest news about bees and beekeeping.

But, in truth, its real intention was to install spyware onto unsuspecting users’ Android devices.

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Bad news Android malware – Google Play apps and updates must now pass human review

In a major change in the way that it handles app submissions from developers, Google says it’s going to do more to prevent malicious and dodgy Android apps from entering the official Google Play store.

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Now Google Play *Books* are helping Android malware and phishing scams to spread

We all know that Google has had something of a blotted copy book when it comes to keeping its official Android app store, Google Play, free of malicious apps – but who would have imagined that scammers and online criminals would also exploit digital books to spread their attacks?

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Millions of Android users at risk from adware, secretly lurking inside Google Play apps

Beware! That game you downloaded from the official Google Play store might contain some unpleasant adware.