Google Docs

‘Google Docs’ worm ransacks Gmail users’ contact lists – what you need to know

You may well be one of the millions of internet users who received a dangerous email offering to share a Google Docs file with you.

Read more in my article on the Tripwire State of Security blog.

Oxford University blocks Google Docs because of phishing attacks.. for 2.5 hours

Flooded with phishing attacks, which staff and students were falling for, the IT team at Oxford University blocked access to Google Docs – hoping to wake up users to the threat..

Would such a technique work in your organisation?

Phishing attack attempts to steal Google passwords via Red Cross website

“Please log into Google Docs, and then you’ll be able to read my message.”

“I’ve provided a handy link…”

Phishing with help from Google Docs

It’s child’s play to create a Google account, and use the Google Docs facility to host an online form.

But scammers are exploiting Google Docs to phish for passwords and sensitive information.

Phishers exploit Google Docs with Gmail de-activation alert

Phishers host their scam webpages on Google Docs in an attempt to steal Gmail credentials.