How young is too young for Facebook and Gmail?

Should there be a minimum age before you can use social networks or have a web email account?

Under Google and Facebook’s terms of services, you have to be at least 13 years old. However, plenty of even younger girls and boys are probably using the systems – with or without the knowledge of their parents.

Scarlett had her Yahoo eyeballed – how to avoid it happening to you

Advice for Scarlett Johansson on how to ensure that her Yahoo mail and private photos can *never* be automatically forwarded.

Google tells Iranian users to check if their Gmail accounts have been hacked

Google is advising *all* its users in Iran to change their Gmail passwords, and check that their accounts have not been compromised.

Phishers exploit Google Docs with Gmail de-activation alert

Phishers host their scam webpages on Google Docs in an attempt to steal Gmail credentials.

How to stop your Gmail account being hacked

Graham Cluley describes what steps you should take to reduce the chances of your Gmail account being hacked.

Vanessa Hudgens meets FBI to discuss nude photo hack

Nude photos and videos of Vanessa Hudgens may have appeared on the net, because her Gmail account was hacked.

Elementary Gmail phishing

Cybercriminals are regularly presented as twisted geniuses by the popular media.. but sometimes they don’t have to be that sophisticated to successfully find a victim.

Website exploit allows spam to be sent from (with real headers)

A 21-year-old Armenian calling himself “Vahe G” has uncovered a way of sending spam to Gmail users, just by them visiting an exploited webpage.

Worse still, the spam messages come from Google’s own servers.

Don’t panic! The ragtime jazz virus hasn’t infected Gmail

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Did Gmail make you look like a spammer this week?

How mortified would you feel if you found that you had been spamming someone through no fault of your own? Well, up to 4 million Gmail users found out this week.

Meghna Naidu isn’t pregnant, she’s been hacked

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May Day Gmail phishing

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Gmail – now with https enabled by default

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Gmail users hit by ViddyHo phishing chat attack

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Kanye West suffers hack attack

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