China completely blocks access to Gmail

Good news: If you use Gmail in China you probably won’t have seen any spam since last Friday.

Bad news: You haven’t been able to access your legitimate email either.

5 million leaked Gmail passwords sounds pretty scary. But was it really?

When news reports broke about a massive leak of Google account passwords, there must have been plenty of users who took a big gulp.

There was certainly a lot of panic, but the truth was rather less traumatising.

Wɑit! Stοp! Is that ℓιηκ what it claims to be?

Can you tell the difference between exɑmple and example?

Read why it matters, in my article for the We Live Security blog.

Gmail goes HTTPS-only, inside and out!

Here’s some good news for the privacy conscious, and anyone who thinks the NSA may have overstepped the mark with their digital surveillance of Google…

Gmail for iOS users told to check their trash and spam before Feb 14th

Google has thrown some iPhone users’ Gmail messages into the trash can. And you’ve only got until Feb 14th to get them out.

Hotmail user swamped with thousands of unwanted emails, after Gmail goes down

If you think you receive a lot of unwanted email each day, spare a thought for Hotmail user David S. Peck of Fresno, California.

He’s the owner of an email account that received thousands of unwanted messages, as Gmail went down for a few hours last week.

Google makes it easy for strangers to email you, without knowing your email address

Who thought this was a good idea to turn on by default?

Here’s how to restrict Gmail to only allow emails from people who actually, you know, *know* your email address…

Gmail starts scanning images in emails for malware

Google says that Gmail is now scanning inline images to protect users against malware.

And it should mean you no longer have to worry about stalkers and internet marketers finding out where you live.

Serious security hole in Gmail password reset system found by security researcher

A security researcher has uncovered what Google has described as a “high impact” bug in its account recovery process, which could have potentially allowed hackers to trick users into handing over their passwords.

Oh dear. Gmail misidentifies Adobe password reset message as spam

Gmail, one of the world’s most popular webmail providers, is blocking a bona fide security message from Adobe as spam.

Microsoft Windows Update emails try to steal your Gmail, Yahoo, AOL passwords…

Beware any emails which claim to come from – it could be that you’re being targeted in an attack designed to steal your AOL, Gmail, Yahoo or Windows Live password.

Outlook webmail passwords restricted to 16 chars – how does that compare with Yahoo and Gmail?

Shouldn’t be giving users the option of having longer passwords?

That’s what Yahoo and Gmail do..

Scarlett Johansson’s stolen nude photos could cost hacker $66,179.46 and five years in prison

Prosecutors are calling for nude photo hacker Christopher Chaney to be sentenced to six years in jail, and pay damages to exposed celebrities.

Google: “State-sponsored attackers may be attempting to compromise your account”

Google has said that it will start to proactively warn internet users when it suspects that “state-sponsored attackers” have attempted to break into accounts.

Phishing for passwords of unwary Google users

A phishing campaign is spammed out, tricking users into handing over their Google login credentials to fraudsters.

Gmail explains why it put *that* email in your spam folder

Ever wondered why an email message was quarantined in your spam folder?

Well, now Google’s Gmail is going to tell you.