Robotics supplier’s sloppy security leaks ten years’ worth of data from major car manufacturers

Security researchers have discovered 157 gigabytes of sensitive data from over 100 manufacturing companies left exposed online for anyone to access.

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No over-the-air update means GM has to recall four million cars to fix fatal software defect

US motor company General Motors is recalling four million vehicles worldwide due to a software bug that has been linked to at least one death.

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Millions of GM cars were vulnerable to hackers for almost five years

Researchers warned General Motors that millions of its cars and trucks were vulnerable to attacks as far back as the spring of 2010.

Guess how long it took them to fix the problem…

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Your BMW or Merc may also be at risk of being hacked, because of your iOS app

A researcher who has already found security holes impacting GM cars, has turned his attention to the iOS apps of other vehicle manufacturers.

Heaven help us as the internet of things continues its steady expansion, with so little thought as to privacy and security.

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How to hack, track and unlock a GM car via OnStar

Owners of GM vehicles equipped with the OnStar system are told they will be kept “safe, connected and ready for the road ahead.”

But a security researcher has shown that it may be simple to hack, track and even unlock vehicles remotely with a $100 device.

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