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GiftGhostBot – the malicious bot attempting to compromise gift cards across 1,000 websites

A malicious bot called GiftGhostBot is seeking to compromise gift cards purchased and activated by consumers across nearly 1,000 websites.

David Bisson reports.

Walmart gift card survey spam spread via Twitter, with a twist of Geordie Shore

Are Walmart and Ikea *really* giving away gift cards via Twitter? And, if so, would they want you to vote for your favourite character from a low-brow reality TV show?

Shop for free at Tesco? Beware – it’s another Facebook gift card scam

It is Tesco’s turn to find its brand being abused by Facebook scammers, pretending that they have gift cards and vouchers for free shopping at the popular British supermarket.

Free Argos gift card for Christmas? It’s a Facebook scam

Yet another scam is spreading rapidly on Facebook, this time claiming to offer a free £500 Argos gift card to British shoppers.

Remember to always think twice before sharing “special offer” links with your friends!

Shop for free at ASDA? Free ASDA Gift Card Facebook scam spreads rapidly

Messages are spreading rapidly between Facebook users about alleged ASDA Gift Vouchers, offering free shopping to “celebrate” the British supermarket chain’s “birthday”.

Twitter spammers entice clicks with free iTunes gift cards

Beware free iTunes gift card spammers on Twitter – and learn how to fight back against them.

Free Apple iTunes Giftcard scam spreads on Facebook

Facebook users are being tricked into helping scammers earn money, in the mistaken belief that they will receive a free $25 Apple iTunes Giftcard.

Gift card from your friend? Beware spammed out malware attack

Cybercriminals are attempting to infect email users by spamming out a Trojan horse, posing as a gift card from a friend.

Free Subway gift card spam spreading on Facebook

You may have to hand over a lot of personal information in return for a $100 gift card at Subway. Make sure you aren’t helping the message spread to your Facebook friends.