The FBI is briefing US companies against using Kaspersky products, claims report

According to media reports, the FBI has been quietly meeting with companies to warn them of the threat posed by Russian security firm Kaspersky.

Hackers stole $31 million from Russian banks in 2016, as FSB warns of foreign plot

As Russia’s central bank reveals hackers stole millions from accounts, the FSB warns of a foreign plot to destabilise the banking system.

Kaspersky hit by new below-the-belt sauna spy attack in the Wall Street Journal

Is it me, or is the WSJ deliberately misrepresenting Kaspersky’s denial to sow the seeds of doubt in conspiracy theorists’ minds?

Kaspersky accused of having close ties to sauna-loving Russian spies

Bloomberg claims that Russian anti-virus expert Eugene Kaspersky has close ties to the Kremlin.

What’s more, claims are made that they are meeting up in the sauna…

Counterattack! Suspected hacker caught on HIS WEBCAM, while spying on Georgia

The Georgian government’s CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) claims it has linked an internet attack to Russia’s security services, and even turned the tables on a hacker it believes was involved by secretly taking over his computer and taking video footage of him.