Thousands of popular iOS and Android apps hit by FREAK flaw

Some of the most popular Android and iOS apps remain impacted by the FREAK flaw, and could open the door for hackers to steal passwords and personal information.

Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday brings FREAK fix for Windows users, and more

It’s one of the biggest Patch Tuesdays in recent times, as Microsoft rolls out critical fixes for its software.

Amongst the goodies? A patch for the SSL-busting FREAK attack.

Apple releases FREAK fix for OS X, iOS and Apple TVs

Get the FREAK out of here! Apple releases security update for SSL-busting vulnerability.

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All versions of Windows vulnerable to FREAK attack, confirms Microsoft

Microsoft has issued a security advisory about the recently discovered FREAK vulnerability, and it’s not good news for Windows users.

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FREAK attack: What is it? Here’s what you need to know

FREAK, a newly-discovered flaw in SSL/TLS, the technology which is supposed to secure your communications across the net, has been discovered.

Here’s what you need to know.