You know you’ve lost if terrorism means you start banning public Wi-Fi

After terrorists killed 130 people in Paris last month, it’s no surprise to see law enforcement looking to find “easy wins” to curb future attacks.

But blocking Tor and banning public Wi-Fi? That’s not the right response at all.

Station de télévision exposé its own passwords on l’air. A Franglais report

To save the embarrassment of TV5MONDE I have attempted to write the following story in Franglais.

Only people with a loose understanding of the French language will be able to laugh at the TV station’s ineptitude.

Orange hacked. 800,000 French customers have their personal data stolen

French telecom firm Orange says that it lost nearly 800,000 customer details.

The good news: Orange says the passwords can’t be used.

The bad news: we don’t have a clue what that means. Were they encrypted? Were encrypted passwords salted and hashed? Orange isn’t saying.

Lisa Vaas reports.

USA blamed for spy malware planted on French president’s network

A sophisticated state-sponsored hack into the offices of the French presidency took place earlier this year, according to newspaper reports.

And which country is alleged to have planted malware on computers at the Elysee Palace? None other than the United States.

Suspected Android SMS malware author arrested in France

French police have arrested a 20-year-old man in Northern France, in connection with an attack that infected thousands of Android smartphones with money-making malware.

Furtive French photos feign as Facebook, but it’s a malware attack

A quasi-French malware attack has been spammed out, offering photographs.

Don’t open the attachment – or you could end up with an infected computer!

Suspected Android SMS malware authors arrested in Paris

French computer crime investigators have charged two men in connection with money-making malware that targets Android smartphone users.

Tour de France cheat faces suspended sentence in malware case

Prosecutors in a computer hacking case have recommended an 18-month suspended prison sentence for disgraced former championship cyclist Floyd Landis.

Bastille Day malware spammed out to French computer users

Cybercriminals are taking advantage of Bastille Day celebrations in France to spread malware.

French Ministry hit by hacker attack, targeting secret G20 plans

The French Ministry of Finance has reportedly confirmed that it has become the victim of an internet attack, targeting documents related to the French presidency of the G20 and international economic affairs.

Nicolas Sarkozy hacked on Facebook to say he won’t seek re-election

Nicolas Sarkozy is left red-faced after his Facebook page hacked.

Hackers left a message saying he would not be seeking re-election as French President.

Operation Aurora: France says stop using Internet Explorer

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