Fox IT

Fox-IT reveals hackers hijacked its DNS records, spied on clients’ files

Given the nature of Fox-IT’s work there are likely to be some interesting theories as to who might have been behind this particular attack, and what they were attempting to spy upon.

How to recover files from a CryptoLocker attack – for free!

Boffins have created a free service to help anyone has fallen foul of the notorious CryptoLocker ransomware that encrypts computer files and demands a ransom be paid for the decryption key.

Bitcoin-mining linked to malware spread by Yahoo ads

Some of the malware spread over the New Year period via poisoned Yahoo ads was designed to mine the Bitcoin virtual currency.

One security company claims it stopped the attack days before it became public knowledge, but they didn’t tell anyone until now.

Malware strikes thousands of Yahoo users via poisoned adverts

Thousands of visitors to the Yahoo website were attacked by malware, spread via poisoned adverts in recent days.