Forbes subscribers warned of Magecart threat skimming credit card details

The notorious Magecart malware, that blights online stores by stealing payment card details from unsuspecting shoppers at checkout, has claimed another high profile victim.

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Forbes gives you another reason to run an ad blocker – by serving up malvertising for a week

Hackers managed to infect ads served up on the Forbes website, redirecting to malicious exploit kits designed to infect visiting computers.

Of course, there would be nothing to worry about if you had run an ad blocker…

Forbes website used to spread malware – but what can other businesses learn?

Chinese hackers are blamed for hacking Forbes’s “Thought of the Day”. But what should other websites learn from the attack?

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Details of over one million Forbes readers leaked online (including mine)

Over one million readers of the Forbes website might be wise to change their password, and keep an eye open for suspicious emails, after a group of notorious hackers gained access to user information and published it online.

Forbes website hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army

Once again, a well-known media establishment has fallen victim to the hackers of the notorious Syrian Electronic Army (SEA).

This time it’s Forbes which has “published” an eyebrow-raising headline.

Car hacking: there’s more than one way to crash a car [VIDEO]

At the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas this week, security researchers will demonstrate their ability to hack into cars such as the Toyota Prius and Ford Escape, and mess around with vehicles’ internal electronic systems, including those related to braking and steering.