Sky Broadband firmware update bricks routers using third-party DNS settings

Some Sky Broadband users are experiencing problems with the latest firmware update that was rolled out to their routers.

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Hundreds of ‘smart’ locks bricked by flubbed remote update

A fouled-up over-the-air firmware update rendered hundreds of a smart lock vendor’s products unopenable.


David Bisson reports.

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Intel patches remote hijack bug that hid in chips for seven years

Intel has patched a privileged escalation bug in its chips’ remote management feature that could be exploited by an attacker to breach networks.

David Bisson reports.

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Thunderstrike 2 firmware worm proves Apple needs to introduce a bug bounty

Another serious vulnerability has been found at the heart of Macs and MacBooks, and could be exploited by an undetectable firmware worm.

Shouldn’t Apple be doing more to encourage vulnerability research?

Read more in my article on the Intego Mac Security blog.

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Unpatchable BadUSB code is now publicly available

Even if a USB stick has been completely wiped, and contains no files, it could still pose a threat to your organisation.

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Philips Smart TVs riddled with security and privacy flaws, researcher reveals

A researcher has discovered that so-called Smart TVs from Philips suffer from a number of serious security flaws that could allow hackers to steal information from attached USB sticks, play pornographic movies as a prank, and hackers access viewers’ online accounts.

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LG fumbles response to Smart TV spying revelation, withdraws Smart Ad video

Here’s the video that LG doesn’t want you to see.

See for yourself what the firm may have been planning to do with its Smart Ad technology, which can snoop on your TV watching behaviour.

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LG says it will push out firmware update for spy TVs, but fails to apologise

What’s gone so wrong with big companies that they can’t simply say *sorry* when they screw up?

LG says you’ll now be able to turn off its TVs’ spy capability.

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HP patches printer firmware flaw, but leaves customers guessing

There’s a serious security vulnerability on some HP LaserJet printers.

The good news is that it’s now been patched.

The bad news is that you don’t know if your HP LaserJet printer needs the fix – because HP hasn’t told you.

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