Sharing secret files more safely: Some questions to ask yourself

How can you share files safely? Whether you’re sharing through a secret URL, or consumer online services, there are privacy and security issues to consider.

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Microsoft OneDrive for Business can alter your files as it syncs

Would you be surprised to hear that Microsoft’s enterprise file-sharing and syncing service can *change* your files without telling you? So much for trust and integrity.

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Twitter Commerce plans leak: When will businesses learn about secure data sharing?

Information about Twitter’s latest play for monetization fell into the public eye, after journalists went digging around a publicly accessible directory on a third-party partner’s website.

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Doctor Who "Name of the Doctor" finale may have leaked early, but you really shouldn’t download it

Doctor Who’s season finale, “The Name of the Doctor”, has accidentally fallen into the hands of fans in the United States.

But downloading a torrent of the as-yet unbroadcast episode may not be the wisest move.

Pirate Bay blocked! 93% oppose court order on UK ISPs, poll reveals

The British Court has ruled that UK ISPs must block access to the popular file-sharing website, The Pirate Bay. A move that will no doubt prove unpopular with its three million UK users.

Pirate Bay faces UK web block

The High Court in London has paved the way for what could become a nationwide ban on accessing the notorious Pirate Bay file-sharing website.

Serial virus writer jailed for orange cartoon octopus malware

A Japanese man is sent to prison after spreading a virus across the internet via file-sharing networks and damaged data on victims’ computers.

P2P file-sharing banned in Antarctica

Employees of the United States Antarctic Program (USAP) have been reportedly told that they are not permitted to run peer-to-peer file-sharing programs such as BitTorrent, KaZaa and Limewire.

Details of Obama’s chopper leaked via P2P software?

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