Smashing Security podcast #166: What the Dickens! Ad ban thank you scam

How to stop dick pics on Twitter, and a new way bad guys are extorting money from websites earning cash from Google ads.

All this and much more is discussed in the latest edition of the award-winning “Smashing Security” podcast by computer security veterans Graham Cluley and Carole Theriault.


Sextortion scam leverages Nest video footage to fool victims into believing they are being spied upon everywhere

A bizarre sextortion scam is attempting to trick victims that not only has their smartphone been hacked to spy upon their private lives, but also every other device they have encountered which contains a built-in camera.

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Sextortion with a twist of Litecoin

Internet users are being sent sextortion emails, claiming to have recorded videos of their X-rated website visits and demanding payment be made in Litecoin.

Radiohead refuses to pay $150,000 ransom for ‘hacked’ recordings, releases them instead

How do you stop a hacker from making a fortune out of the files they have stolen from you? Files that thousands of people are probably desperate to own?

Simple. You make the files readily available to anyone on the internet to access.


Email blackmailer threatens to have your website blocked forever

Scammers have contacted websites demanding a ransom message be paid or else they will ensure the site will be blacklisted for aggressive spamming activities.

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Extortion emails a go-go

Recent months seem to have seen a rise in extortion emails, designed to scare users into handing over their money.

Another wave of sextortion emails

During the last few months, many of us will have received emails that try to extract a ransom via an anonymous cryptocurrency.

But as email blackmailers make big winnings, others are trying to cash in on the craze.

Sex extortion emails now quoting part of their victim’s phone number

Some computer users are reporting that they have received a new type of extortion email in their inbox, which – in an attempt to scare them into giving in to demands for money – quotes part of their phone number.

But where are the blackmailers getting the phone number from?

Rex Mundi hacking extortion gang busted by Europol

There’s so much bad news about computer security that we sometimes forget to applaud when something good happens.

Let’s change that right now.


1 in 50 publicly readable Amazon buckets are also writable – and that’s a data disaster waiting to happen

Don’t dilly-dally. If you haven’t already properly secured the Amazon Web Services S3 servers (known as “buckets”) storing your sensitive data in the cloud then your business has no time to lose.

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Shipping giant refuses to pay hackers ransom after data stolen

Clarksons, the global shipping firm, has turned the tables on criminal hackers who attempted to extort a ransom payment after stealing confidential information from the company’s network.

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HBO offered its hackers $250,000 after attack, leaked email claims

The fallout from the HBO hack, which has already seen episodes of “Games of Thrones” scripts and episodes leaked online, the distribution of stars’ email addresses and personal phone numbers, and million-dollar demands for an alleged haul of 1.5 terabytes of TV shows and corporate information, continues to get worse.

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Europol campaign fights the online sexual extortion of children

A Europe-wide campaign warns young people about online sexual coercion and extortion.

No, I won’t help you blackmail the company you just hacked

Thanks for the offer, but I’d rather not be an accessory to online blackmail.

Check out my latest video to learn more.

Hackers threaten to leak bank customers’ account info unless they pay up

Extortionists are threatening to publish the account information of a hacked banks’ customers unless they hand over cash.

David Bisson reports.


TheDarkOverlord holds investment bank to ransom, or else hacked files will be released

No-one knows who TheDarkOverlord is. No-one even knows if he or she is one lone hacker, or a group of hackers. But one thing is certain, TheDarkOverlord must be giving some companies sleepless nights as they struggle to work out the best way to respond.

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