Experian hacked, but it’s 15 million T-Mobile customers who are put at risk

T-Mobile’s CEO says he is “incredibly angry”.

The reason? Hackers have stolen information about 15 million people – all of whom had interacted with T-Mobile either as customers or potential customers.

But it wasn’t T-Mobile who got hacked…

Bill Gates’s social security number, address, credit report and more… published by hackers

Bill Gates is the latest celebrity to have had his personal information published on a website that has exposed the social security numbers, addresses and personal financial information of a number of people in the public eye.

Equifax and Transunion say hackers stole celebrity credit reports

After the social security numbers, addresses and financial details of some of the USA’s top celebrities were posted online, top credit bureaus have come forward and acknowledged that fraudulent and unauthorized access to their records has taken place.