Chinese headmaster fired after setting up his own secret cryptomining rig at school

A Chinese headmaster has lost his job after it was discovered he was stealing the school’s electricity to power a secret cryptocurrency-mining rig.

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Here’s why Twitter will lock your account if you change your display name to Elon Musk

There’s bad news if your name really is “Elon Musk”.

You’re going to have to jump over some additional hurdles to convince Twitter that you should be allowed to change your display name to the one you share with the boss of Tesla and SpaceX.

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Elon Musk retracts vile Twitter accusation against cave rescuer

Tesla chief Elon Musk retracts his unfounded allegations against man who helped boys escape from a Thai cave, but scammers are given another opportunity to strike.

Thai Cave rescue scammers pose as Elon Musk

Time and time again, crypto scammers are creating accounts in the names of known Twitter users and using devious tricks to fool their followers into believing they are reading a genuine message from the likes of Elon Musk.

Ethereum cryptocurrency wallets raided after Amazon’s internet domain service hijacked

Approximately US $150,000 worth of Ethereum-based cryptocurrency stolen from MyEtherWallet users.

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Hacker steals $30M worth of Ethereum by abusing Parity wallet flaw

Crikey – this isn’t the first Ethereum heist we’ve seen…THIS WEEK!

David Bisson reports.

Ethereum cryptocurrency heist! Over $7 million reportedly stolen through simple hack

A hacker has reportedly stolen over $7 million from would-be investors in a matter of minutes, through what seems to have been an incredibly simple method.

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