Sensitive data can lurk on second-hand hard drives

Birth certificates, photographs, names, email addresses, credit card details, social security numbers. All to be found on used hard drives for sale on eBay.

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Bayrob malware gang convicted of infecting over 400,000 computers worldwide, stealing millions through online auction fraud

A US court has convicted two Romanian hackers belonging to the Bayrob malware gang after they infected over 400,000 computers around the world, and stole millions of dollars.

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How websites help criminals phish customers’ passwords

The recently discovered XSS flaw on eBay’s website could have put users’ accounts at risk. And sadly, it’s not an uncommon problem.

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eBay XSS password-stealing security hole “existed for months”

The BBC reports that users have been hit by a cross-site scripting flaw on eBay since at least February, putting passwords at risk of phishers.

eBay XSS vulnerability used iPhones as bait, redirected users to phishing page [VIDEO]

Hackers were able to boobytrap auction pages to redirect users to a phishing page that asked them to enter their eBay username and password.

Watch this video to see more.

PayPal left red-faced after more security holes found in two factor authentication

Researchers have publicly disclosed new methods to bypass what should have been a strong additional layer of protection for PayPal accounts.

It took eBay a *long* time to tell me to change my password

It took eBay a full 5 days, 5 hours, and 10 minutes before it managed to email me about its security breach, and suggested I change my password.

Fortunately I wasn’t waiting for their advice.

Why is eBay burying news of its security breach from its millions of web visitors?

eBay – please stop trying to get me to buy sneakers and watering cans.

I’d much rather your homepage told me that you’d had a security breach, and told me what I had to do about it.

eBay password hack proves the danger of the human factor

The moral of today’s story is to review your password practices, change your eBay password, and don’t forget the human factor when considering how to better defend your organisation.

eBay confirms security breach. Users asked to change passwords

Yes, you *should* change your eBay password.

Auction site confirms that hackers compromised an eBay database containing encrypted eBay passwords and other non-financial information.

Should you change your eBay password?

Mystery surrounds apparent advice posted on PayPal’s site saying that all eBay users should change their passwords.

Learn more now, after which you might decide it’s sensible to change your password…

Syrian Electronic Army hackers embarrass PayPal UK by displaying anti-US message

For a short period of time this weekend, visitors to the UK versions of the PayPal and eBay websites may have seen something out of the ordinary.

Not the normal welcoming message of a world-famous online institution, but an offensive message intermingled with a binary depiction of the Syrian flag instead.

If you launch a DDoS attack against Amazon, it’s unwise to brag about it..

Authorities in the United States have charged two men in connection with a DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attack that crippled websites such as Amazon.com in June 2008.

Malicious ‘Payment request from’ email attack strikes inboxes

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Who needs to steal data, when you can buy it on eBay?

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