Auckland earthquake email hoax debunked by New Zealand media

Internet users in New Zealand have reportedly received emails, spreading a sick hoax that claims an earthquake is predicted to hit the city of Auckland on Sunday, April 17th.

Don’t fall for Japanese Tsunami charity scams

An email claiming to come from the British Red Cross, is actually designed to put money into a scammer’s pocket rather than help victims of the Japanese tsunami.

Make sure you don’t fall for a cybercriminal scam.

Fukushima radiation hoax SMS message spreads in Philippines

A hoax SMS text message claiming that radiation may hit the Philippines, following explosions that have rocked Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant, have caused such a problem that authorities in Manila have issued an official denial.

Japanese Tsunami Launches Whale Into Building? It’s a Facebook clickjack scam

Sick-minded scammers are up to their dirty tricks again, trying to make a quick buck out of the Japanese earthquake and subsequent tsunami which has shocked people around the world.

This time they promise a video of a whale launched into a building by the power of the tsunami.

KHOBE ‘vulnerability’: is this game over for security software?

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