The NSA wants its algorithms to be a global IoT standard. But they’re simply not trusted

Part of the concern is that the Simon and Speck algorithms might contain encryption backdoors that would be abused by US authorities.

Read more in my article on the Bitdefender Box blog.

Juniper says it will remove flawed cryptographic code from its software

Juniper says it will replace the Dual_EC pseudo-random number generator, long criticised by security experts and potentially exploitable in backdoor attacks.

David Bisson reports.

RSA attempts (and fails) to refute claims it helped NSA weaken encryption

Nothing in RSA’s statement denies that the NSA paid them to make Dual_EC_DRBG the default random number generator in BSAFE encryption tools.

The NSA’s $10 million ‘bribe’ to get RSA to use backdoored encryption algorithm

The NSA arranged a secret $10 million deal with security firm RSA that ultimately resulted in the company incorporating a flawed algorithm for generating random numbers into its products, creating a backdoor into encrypted communications.

How the NSA cheated cryptography

Cheating with the privacy of billions of internet users is nothing but very, very wrong.

Martijn Grooten takes a close look at elliptic curves, as he describes the maths behind the NSA’s backdoor.