Sky Broadband firmware update bricks routers using third-party DNS settings

Some Sky Broadband users are experiencing problems with the latest firmware update that was rolled out to their routers.

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Ethereum cryptocurrency wallets raided after Amazon’s internet domain service hijacked

Approximately US $150,000 worth of Ethereum-based cryptocurrency stolen from MyEtherWallet users.

Read more in my article on the We Live Security blog.

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Hacker defaces Donald Trump fundraising site via subdomain takeover attack

A hacker defaced a presidential campaign fundraising website for Donald Trump with a little help from a DNS misconfiguration issue.

David Bisson reports.

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DDoS attack against DNS provider knocks major sites offline

Web users are struggling to reach some of the world’s most well-known websites – including Twitter, Spotify, Github, Reddit and AirBnB – after the managed DNS service they use, Dyn, was hit by a massive DDoS attack.

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Dridex malware adopts redirection attacks to target high-value UK banking customers

The Dridex trojan has adopted a new attack methodology that it is using to target high-value customers of several UK banks.

David Bisson reports.

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Hackers hijack Tesla’s website, Twitter account and email – but how?

Tesla Motors is famous for its high performance, gadget-filled, electric cars – but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a master of all technology.

This weekend Tesla’s website and Twitter account was hijacked by hackers. But how did they do it?

Read my article on the Hot for Security blog.

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Google needs to get a grip on its websites, as hackers meddle in Malaysia

If you visited Google’s Malaysian website today, you might have had a big surprise.

Because rather than finding the familiar minimalist interface of the world’s favourite search engine, visitors to google.com.my would have seen something rather different.

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How hackers can hijack your website and read your email, without hacking your company

Lenovo and Google’s web presence in Vietnam got hit by the Lizard Squad hackers this week.

And no company should be fooled into thinking that they’re not also potentially a target for a similar attack.

Read more in my article on the Tripwire State of Security blog.

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Lizard Squad disrupts Google in Vietnam to promote DDoS-for-hire service

The notorious Lizard Squad hacking gang has claimed another scalp, having successfully disrupted Google’s internet presence in Vietnam.

Read more in my article on the Hot for Security blog.

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Syrian Electronic Army hackers meddle (briefly) with Facebook’s domain

The Syrian Electronic Army’s hack of MarkMonitor put them within a hair’s breadth of hijacking Facebook’s domain.

Things could have been much worse.

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Over 4 million infected PCs in 100 countries, but guilt of DNS Changer gang not proven says court

An Estonian court has found the case against four suspected members of the DNS Changer malware gang, arrested under “Operation Ghost Click”, not proven.

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Metasploit website hijacked by pro-Palestinian hackers… via fax

Rapid7’s Metasploit is the latest high profile website to fall foul of a pro-Palestinian group of hackers, who hijacked its DNS records.

And it seems the hackers used an old-fashioned fax message to commit their crime.

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Vigilance saves Avast anti-virus from having its website pwned

It has been revealed that WhatsApp, AVG and Avira weren’t the only companies to be targeted by a pro-Palestinian hacking gang this week.

Find out how human vigilance saved one security company’s bacon.

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WhatsApp website attacked by hackers, goes offline

Popular smartphone messaging app WhatsApp has had its website hacked by a pro-Palestinian group.

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AVG and Avira anti-virus websites attacked by pro-Palestinian hackers

The websites of AVG and Avira, developers of some of the world’s most popular free anti-virus products, appear to have been hacked by a pro-Palestinian group.

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Google disappears for Irish internet users – but was it a nameserver hack or admin screwup?

Thousands of Google users in Ireland found that they were unable to access the site earlier today when the nameservers for google.ie began to point to a third-party site based in Indonesia.

But was it an admin cockup or the result of a malicious hack?

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