Phishing and diet spam attacks hit Twitter users

British politicians and TV historian Simon Schama are amongst those promoting spammy diet advice after having their Twitter accounts hacked.

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Acai Berry fake news website operators fined millions of dollars by FTC

The firm behind fake websites such as “News 6 News Alerts,” “Health News Health Alerts,” or “Health 5 Beat Health News” has had to cease its deceptive operations after it was fined by the FTC.

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Pinterest diet spam – is the site doing enough to stop it?

As Pinterest’s popularity increases, so do the reports of spam on the fast-growing photo-sharing network.

Is the website doing enough to counter the threat?

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Hack of Hyatt Twitter account by Acai Berry spammers is a warning for us all

Acai Berry spammers briefly take over Twitter account belonging to Hyatt Hotels.

Is your company taking the security of its social media accounts seriously enough?

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Pinterest spam promotes Acai Berry diet

Acai Berry diet spammers are hawking miracle diets on Pinterest.

Don’t be duped into clicking on the links!

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HCG diet spam attack hits Facebook users, spreads rapidly

Once again, Facebook users are being hit by a barrage of spam – this time claiming to promote a diet.

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Is your Twitter account hacked and sending out ‘Beach Body’ spam?

Thousands of Twitter users are seeing unexpected messsages from hacked online friends promoting a weight loss supplement that will, allegedly, “get the beach body you’ve always wanted”.

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