Department of Defense

Pentagon data breach puts personal details of 30,000 staff at risk

The Pentagon has admitted that up to 30,000 military workers and civilian personnel have had their personal information and credit card data exposed following a security breach.

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British hacker admits stealing satellite data from US Department of Defense

25-year-old Sean Caffrey failed to properly cover his tracks, leading police officers to his door.

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Smashing Security #020: Phishing for Donald Trump

Gizmodo’s attempt to reveal Donald Trump’s administration ineptitude when it comes to cybersecurity fails to impress. Mac users are warned that the HandBrake DVD-ripping app has been compromised by malware. And will the US Army insist IT security professionals spend months ironing their bedsheets..?

Computer security veterans Graham Cluley and Carole Theriault are joined on the podcast this week by special guest Paul Ducklin.

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Hack the Pentagon, and you could win $150,000

The US Department of Defense is inviting hackers to find security vulnerabilities in some of its public websites, and is offering a bounty of up to $150,000 for those who find flaws.

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