Outbreak: USPS or Royal Mail package email delivers malware attack

SophosLabs has seen a widely spammed-out malware campaign today, designed to trick unsuspecting computer users into infecting their computers with a Trojan horse.

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FedEx notification malware attack spammed out

Take care when opening your email inbox, as malicious hackers have spammed out yet another malware attack posing as a parcel delivery notification.

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Outbreak: United Parcel Service notification malware attack spammed out

Cybercriminals are attempting to infect computers around the world, disguising their attack as an email claiming to come from United Parcel Service about a parcel delivery.

But this time they’re not using words, they’re using an embedded image to trick you into clicking on the link.

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Outbreak: Post Express Service malware attack spammed out

Be on your guard against the latest “undelivered package” malware attack that cybercriminals are spamming out right now.

But for once it’s not claiming to come from DHL, FedEx or UPS.

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