Rihanna has NOT been ‘found dead after being raped’. Sick Facebook scam spreads

Pop star Rihanna has been the subject of various Facebook scams in the past, many of which have lured unsuspecting members of the public with the promise of watching a sex video.

However, on this occasion, things have taken an even sicker twist…

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Neil Tennant of Pet Shop Boys has NOT died in a car crash

Facebook and Twitter users of a certain age have got themselves into a dither worrying that Neil Tennant, singer with the Pet Shop Boys, had died in a car crash.

The truth is that Tennant, like other celebrities before him, is the victim of an internet hoax.

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Breaking news: Christian Slater is NOT dead

Christian Slater has not died in a snowboarding accident, despite what you might have read on the internet. Check out our (incomplete) list of other people who haven’t died.

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Bill Cosby has NOT died, but rumours fuel hacker scareware attack

Read more in my article at Naked Security.

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Johnny Depp has NOT died in a car crash, but hackers exploit rumours

Hollywood movie actor Johnny Depp, famous for his roles in Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow and Pirates of the Caribbean, became the unwitting star of an internet hoax.

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