David Cameron

The Draft Investigatory Powers Bill – what it actually says

The controversial draft Investigatory Powers Bill being proposed by the UK government says almost nothing about encryption.

Guest contributor Philip Le Riche shares his opinion about what it does have to say, and whether he feels the bill is needed.

Snooper’s Charter back on the agenda, after UK election

If you haven’t done so already, start thinking now about how you can keep your online activity private.

Obama: “China, don’t you dare make us put backdoors in our software!” (That’s our job…)

China and the United States are at loggerheads over Beijing’s plan to force technology companies to share their encryption keys, and put backdoors into their software, if they wish to sell into China.

After all, that would never be proposed by a Western government, would it..?

President Obama says he leans more towards strong encryption than law enforcement

“There’s no scenario in which we don’t want really strong encryption,” says US President Barack Obama.

And I love him for saying it.

China demands backdoor into foreign software to “strengthen cybersecurity”

China appears to be demanding that software and technology companies build backdoors into their code in order to allow it to monitor for terrorist activity.

Oddly, that seems eerily similar to what UK Prime Minister David Cameron recently proposed…

Listen to this BBC radio punch-up over David Cameron’s surveillance backdoor

Earlier this week, I appeared on BBC Radio Five to discuss David Cameron’s plans to snoop on secure messaging services.

It became a rather “heated discussion” with someone who advises the government on national security issues. Listen for yourself.

Competition: Design the UK’s crypto-open-backdoor stamp of approval!

Help the UK government show the British people which apps they should use for (in)secure messaging.

Wanted: end-to-end encryption (with a backdoor for this guy)

The UK’s Prime Minister thinks it would be a good idea to either make secure communication apps unlawful, or force them to contain a backdoor which the police and intelligence agencies could exploit.

Is he bonkers?

David Cameron on the techniques, ability and *brilliance* of GCHQ and the NSA

British PM David Cameron says the news has been full of stories of the sheer brilliance of the GCHQ and the NSA.

Do you think their internet surveillance has been brilliant? And what do you think of Google and Microsoft’s initiative to deter paedophiles?

Venn diagram of an internet porn filter

Dr Paul Bernal, the lecturer in IT & media law who has blogged thoughtfully about the UK Government’s plan to introduce a “porn filter”, has produced a rather natty Venn diagram which hits the nail on the head.

If you’ll pardon the expression.

UK PM David Cameron accidentally tweets fake Iain Duncan Smith account

British Prime Minister has made another Twitter-related gaffe, accidentally tweeting an account set up to parody his fellow Conservative politican Iain Duncan Smith.

Obama: Gary McKinnon’s fate is in the hands of the British legal system

Barack Obama has said that the decision as to whether hacker Gary McKinnon should be extradited to the United States lies with the British legal system.

Cameron: Decision on Gary McKinnon will be ‘weeks rather than months’

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