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VIDEO: Snapchat data breach shows that sometimes it’s good to say no to your CEO

One of Snapchat’s employees was targeted by online criminals who managed to convince them that they were the company’s CEO.

The result? A number of Snapchat’s workers have had their identities compromised.

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CryptoBin down amid claims hacker posted details of 20,000 FBI employees

Sometimes things would be better if people didn’t keep their word.

Take hackers, for instance.

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VIDEO: Post-hack, is VTech taking security seriously?

“Sod the kids’ privacy and security, the lawyers have covered our arse.”

VTech has made its choice. Savvy parents will makes theirs as well.

9000+ Department of Homeland Security staff have their details leaked by hacker

It makes you want to weep, doesn’t it? What is the purpose of providing your staff with authentication tokens if they see no problem in sharing token codes with each other?

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Here’s what an Ashley Madison blackmail letter looks like

Ugly blackmail letter warns Ashley Madison users that their family, friends and work colleagues will be informed if they do not pay $2000 in Bitcoin within ten days.

Time Warner Cable customer? Change your password now

If you’re a Time Warner Cable customer my advice is that you should change your password now.

Because 320,000 ISP customers of Time Warner Cable across the United States have had their email addresses and password details exposed.

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LiveStream tells users to reset passwords, after possible data breach

Video live streaming platform LiveStream is warning customers that account information, including names, dates of birth, phone numbers, email addresses and encrypted passwords may have been accessed by unauthorised party.

European Space agency hacked. Staff and subscribers’ data exposed

Anonymous hackers say that they exposed ESA passwords “FOR THE LULZ”, but it’s no laughing matter.

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VTech toymaker hacked – millions of families have their personal info exposed

VTech, a leading maker of electronic learning toys, has suffered a serious security breach, with hackers accessing a database containing information about customers and their children.

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Hilton Hotels warns that it was targeted by malware, in attempt to steal payment card data

Hilton Worldwide is the latest in a growing list of hotel chains to warn that hackers have targeted its systems by writing malware to steal credit card data from point-of-sale systems.

Once again, members of the public are being told to keep a close eye on their payment card statements.

Patreon users – post-hack don’t let extortionists scare you into paying a ransom

Don’t pay online extortionists a penny. Hit the delete button instead.

Nearly 157,000 TalkTalk customers had their personal details hacked

TalkTalk talks numbers – revealing that “only 4%” of its users were affected by the hacking attack on its systems.

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TalkTalk hack. Police arrest fourth person, aged 16 years old

Another 16-year-old arrested as police round-up suspects in the TalkTalk hacking case.

Post-hack, TalkTalk treats defrauded customers poorly

TalkTalk offers defrauded customers a way to close their accounts without paying a termination fee… but check out the small print.

Vodafone warns some customer accounts were breached, potential for fraud and phishing attacks

UK telecoms operator Vodafone has revealed that the personal details of some 1,827 customers have had their personal information accessed by hackers, who broke into accounts between midnight on Wednesday 28 October and noon the following day.

Third person arrested over TalkTalk hack, as company reveals extent of lost data

British police have searched an address in Staffordshire and arrested another person on suspicion of committing computer crime offences in relation to the TalkTalk hack.