How to report a cybercrime

Gathering evidence and putting a case together against an online criminal is so much harder for the authorities, if they don’t know about any victims.

Guest contributor Yasin Soliman explains how you can report a cybercrime to the police in your part of the world.

If you find the FBI’s cybercrime webpage can you let them know?

Want to find out what the FBI has to say about cybercrime?

Well, as my video demonstrates, their website may not be much help.

MPs warn of rise of identity-stealing bank-robbing malware

Identity-stealing bank-robbing malware is a growing threat to Britain.

That’s the conclusion of the UK Parliament’s Science and Technology Select Committee who have published a report calling on the Government to launch a “prolonged awareness raising campaign to increase public understanding of personal online security.”

Does cybercrime really cost the UK more than drugs?

The UK government has today published a report into the cost of cybercrime, concluding that the overall cost to the UK economy from cybercrime is £27bn per year.

But can we trust the numbers? And what needs to happen before we can properly measure our success fighting the menace of cybercrime?

Crowd sourcing the fight against cybercrime?

Europol considers using crowd sourcing in the fight against cybercrime.

Hunting for evidence of cybercrime might be a fun amateur pastime, but could it expose you and your computer to more serious dangers?

Election day vote: What punishment for cybercriminals?

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Reality star turns back on TV to fight cybercrime

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