Catch this shaven-headed, boat-loving hacker and earn $3 million

The FBI is reportedly offering a tidy $3 million reward for anyone who helps them catch Russian hacker Evgeniy Mikhailovich Bogachev, the alleged mastermind behind GameOver Zeus.

Yahoo ads network helps hackers spread CryptoWall ransomware

Security researchers at Blue Coat say that they have seen the CryptoWall ransomware being spread via – a major online advertising network run by, yes you guessed it, Yahoo.

How to recover files from a CryptoLocker attack – for free!

Boffins have created a free service to help anyone has fallen foul of the notorious CryptoLocker ransomware that encrypts computer files and demands a ransom be paid for the decryption key.

Police tell UK public they have only hours to combat GameOver Zeus malware

Have you checked your computer for the GameOver Zeus malware?

British police say you only have until midnight on Tuesday. So you might want to get a move on…

Ransomware 101: FAQ for computer users and smartphone owners

Do you know what ransomware is? Do you know a filecoder from a lockscreen?

Become more clued-up about the ransomware threat, and ensure that your systems are properly protected, by reading my latest article on the We Live Security blog.

Evgeniy Bogachev: The shaven-headed hacker who likes to go boating around the Black Sea

Have you seen this man?

If so, the FBI would like to talk to him about cybercrime.

GameOver Zeus: Cybercrime’s Mr Big named by the FBI

The US claims that Russian citizen Evgeniy Mikhailovich Bogachev is the leader of the gang that spread the GameOver Zeus (“GOZ”) malware and Cryptolocker ransomware, and ran botnets that hijacked up to one million computers around the world.

CryptoDefense ransomware infects via Java drive-by exploit

Boffins at security firm Bromium have discovered that the CryptoDefense malware has been spread via boobytrapped webpages, in an attempt to make more money for its creators.

Once again, turning off Java could help protect you.

Worryingly, CryptoLocker ransomware turns from a Trojan… into a worm

As if CryptoLocker wasn’t causing enough problems by infecting and locking thousands of innocent users’ Windows computers, security researchers have discovered a new variant of the ransomware that takes its propagation to a new level.

Three key security threats seen during 2013 – and how to protect against them

Security researcher Sorin Mustaca identifies some of the biggest security threats of 2013, and what you need to do to protect against them.

CryptoLocker: What is it? And how do you protect against it?

The UK and US authorities have issued alerts about the CryptoLocker ransomware, infecting Windows computers.

Here’s what you need to know.