Company that was laughed off-stage sues Black Hat

The organisers of the Black Hat USA conference are being sued by Crown Sterling after its controversial sponsored talk in Las Vegas.

Alan Turing – the face of the new £50 note

The Bank of England has announced that Alan Turing’s face will grace the new £50 note.

The NSA wants its algorithms to be a global IoT standard. But they’re simply not trusted

Part of the concern is that the Simon and Speck algorithms might contain encryption backdoors that would be abused by US authorities.

Read more in my article on the Bitdefender Box blog.

Ashley Madison users warned of password risk

Hacked adultery website Ashley Madison appears to have coughed up a piece of data that was previously felt secure: its users’ passwords.

Password encryption, hashing and salting explained with the help of a shoe [VIDEO]

Time and time again we hear about big companies (*cough*eBay*cough*) having serious security breaches, which result in users’ private information being exposed.

But why is it so important that user passwords are salted and hashed rather than simply “encrypted”? Watch these videos to find out.

The NSA’s $10 million ‘bribe’ to get RSA to use backdoored encryption algorithm

The NSA arranged a secret $10 million deal with security firm RSA that ultimately resulted in the company incorporating a flawed algorithm for generating random numbers into its products, creating a backdoor into encrypted communications.

How the NSA cheated cryptography

Cheating with the privacy of billions of internet users is nothing but very, very wrong.

Martijn Grooten takes a close look at elliptic curves, as he describes the maths behind the NSA’s backdoor.

Simple Google search unlocks GCHQ code-cracking competition

GCHQ has done a poor job of locking down its code-breaking competition website, making it child’s play for anyone to be told they were successful.