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RAM-scraping malware could have been installed on Target’s tills

As Target’s CEO explains his company’s security screw-up in a TV interview, more details emerge of how hackers might have stolen the credit card details of many millions of the retailer’s customers.

Credit card hackers hit US retailer Neiman Marcus

Posh US department store Neiman Marcus has been hit by hackers who managed to break into its systems and access the credit and debit card information of shoppers.

Up to 40 million Target shoppers put at risk after massive credit-card data breach

Anyone who shopped at Target between 27 November and 15 December is being told to be on their guard, after the North American retailer admitted they had been the victim of a massive data breach.

One of the world’s largest cybercrime forums is shut down, as police arrest $200 million Mattfeuter gang

If you’re a cybercriminal, trading in stolen card data, you have been warned. The police are coming after you.

Just like they have with the gang alleged to be behind the Mattfeuter carding website.

36 websites selling credit card details shut down [VIDEO]

Cybercrime is big business these days, in fact it’s an industry. So it’s not a surprise to find that criminals are embracing ecommerce. But some will be surprised to discover just how professional and legitimate criminal websites can appear.

Google Wallet – why you shouldn’t throw away your wallet just yet

Google Wallet has been revealed to the world.

Should you be throwing away your physical wallet or are there good reasons for keeping it?

Hackers steal credit card details at Wisconsin and Tennessee Wilderness resorts

Bad news if you have been on vacation at one of the Wilderness resorts in Tennessee and Wisconsin in the last couple of years – hackers may now have your credit card details.

There may be up to 40,000 victims of the hack – which could lead to identity theft.

Hotel credit card wrong transaction email malware attack

Emails claiming to be from a hotel about a wrong transaction on your credit card are being spammed worldwide – with the intention of infecting your computer with a malware.

Malware attack disguised as email about blocked credit card

Cybercriminals have spammed out emails which claim to be a warning that your credit card has been blocked, but in reality contain a malicious attachment designed to infect your computer.

Credit card one week overdue? Malware disguises itself in spam attack

Have you received an unexpected email telling you that your credit card is one week overdue, and that you must pay the debt within two days or face additional charges?

Well, don’t rush to open the attached file – or your computer could be struck by a malware attack.

Sony says credit card details *were* encrypted, but questions still remain

Sony confirms that credit card details which could have been stolen in the recent hack of the PlayStation Network were encrypted, but doesn’t reassure customers regarding the strength of encryption.

Lush customers should check their credit card statements – more websites hacked

Lush, the handmade cosmetics firm, has shut its Australian and New Zealand websites after hackers apparently gained access to online customers’ personal data.

Can a video of singing lemmings make up for having your credit cards stolen?

Lush, the handmade cosmetics firm, has taken an unusual approach to responding to its website hack.

But will it allay the fears of affected customers?

From pizza to cybercrime: DarkMarket mastermind jailed

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Is there malware lurking in your ATM?

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Gang arrested in Canada for alleged credit card data heist

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