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Do you trust your browser to save your credit card data and shipping info?

Technology could mean the end of sharing your credit card details with vendors.

David Bisson reports.

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AA apologises, and confirms customers’ partial credit card data *was* exposed

“We’re sorry”, says the AA as it finally coughs up to data breach which exposed partial credit card information.

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Yes – despite what it says – AA customer credit card data was exposed

The way the AA has handled this incident appears to have been at best shambolic, and at worst downright deceitful.

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Ka-ching! The data breach threat that targets retailers

Criminals like to lurk in the shadows and silently steal money and information when it suits them.

Guest contributor David Share reports.

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VIDEO: Adele ticket website spits out personal data, and possibly credit card details

Thousands of fans have been trying to buy tickets for singing sensation Adele’s live concerts, but her website is failing to cope with demand.

Worse still, the site is revealing the personal information of other fans. Watch my video to find out more.

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Chip and pin has arrived in the USA, or has it?

By Thursday October 1st, all merchants in the United States are supposed to be equipped with new credit card machines that accept Chip and PIN technology.

But it hasn’t happened, as Bob Covello reports.

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Hacker who cloned Bill Gates’s credit card is arrested in Philippines

A Bulgarian “super-hacker” has been arrested in the Philippines for allegedly robbing ATMs with cloned credit cards.

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How Apple Pay can make credit card fraud easier

Credit card fraud enabled by Apple Pay is “rampant” according to one mobile-payments specialist. So, how is it done?

Read more in my article on the Intego Mac Security blog.

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Kmart hacked – payment systems compromised by malware

It’s not proving to be a good year for US retailers, and it’s just got worse.

Read more on the Hot for Security blog.

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Hacked restaurant chain goes back to the 1970s, to protect itself from attackers

P.F. Chang’s hasn’t said sorry to its customers after their financial data was stolen, but it has brought back old-fashioned credit card imprinters to try to avoid it happening again.

Read more in my article for the Hot for Security blog.

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You won’t see any mention on its homepage, but shoe retailer Office has been hacked

UK shoe retailer Office has sent its customers an email, explaining that it has suffered a serious security breach.

It hasn’t seen fit to mention it on its homepage though…

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WooThemes hacked. Premium WordPress theme manufacturer warns of credit card leak

There’s bad news today if you are a customer of WooThemes, the popular WordPress theme manufacturer.

Read more in my article on the Hot For Security blog.

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Michaels warns customers: ‘We may have experienced a data security attack’ (again)

RAM-scraping malware thought to have targeted point-of-sale computers at chain of US craft stores.

It’s bad news for Michaels as well as its customers, as questions will be asked as to whether the firm learnt any lessons after suffering a damaging attack at its cash registers a couple of years ago.

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Korean credit card bosses say sorry 53 million times after massive data breach

Almost half of all South Koreans have had their credit card details stolen and sold on to marketing firms.

Imagine if Western CEOs said sorry like this after they lost their customers’ credit card details…

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A PCI security sing-a-long for retailers everywhere

Raising awareness amongst retailers about the need to properly protect shoppers’ credit and debit card information continues to be important.

So, what can you see here? A country & western sing-a-long all about PCI data security standards. Yes, really.

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RAM-scraping malware could have been installed on Target’s tills

As Target’s CEO explains his company’s security screw-up in a TV interview, more details emerge of how hackers might have stolen the credit card details of many millions of the retailer’s customers.

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