Credit Card Fraud

WooThemes hacked. Premium WordPress theme manufacturer warns of credit card leak

There’s bad news today if you are a customer of WooThemes, the popular WordPress theme manufacturer.

Read more in my article on the Hot For Security blog.

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One of the world’s largest cybercrime forums is shut down, as police arrest $200 million Mattfeuter gang

If you’re a cybercriminal, trading in stolen card data, you have been warned. The police are coming after you.

Just like they have with the gang alleged to be behind the Mattfeuter carding website.

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36 websites selling credit card details shut down [VIDEO]

Cybercrime is big business these days, in fact it’s an industry. So it’s not a surprise to find that criminals are embracing ecommerce. But some will be surprised to discover just how professional and legitimate criminal websites can appear.

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