computer security

The future has been decoded

I had the great honour of delivering a keynote speech at the Future Decoded conference in London yesterday, discussing why we need a trustworthy internet, security and privacy concerns with the internet of things, and what we need to do about it.

YOU are the computer security problem!

How are you going to “patch the bug in your brain” that so many hacking attacks rely upon?

Watch my latest video and find out.

Happy Thanksgiving to all techies and their families

Chances are that many of you will find yourself troubleshooting your family’s computers this Thanksgiving…

The Best New Computer Security blog is…

A few days ago, in a heaving room above a pub in Earl’s Court, London, the great and the good of the computer security blogging community congregated to chat, share a beer or three, and discover who had been recognised in the annual European Security blogger awards.

And guess what? :-)

Six New Year’s resolutions for better home computer security

Here are six simple New Year’s resolutions that I believe every home computer user could follow for better security and privacy online in the coming 12 months (and beyond).

Don’t call it ‘the cloud’. Call it ‘someone else’s computer’

“Cloud” is a lovely, fluffy, comforting word.

Is that why we trust it more than saying we’re storing our data on “someone else’s computer”?

Get Safe Online week 2008

Read more in my article at Naked Security.