Facebook doesn’t want to eradicate fake news. If it did they’d kick out InfoWars

Facebook would like you to believe that it’s serious about ridding its platform of fake news. So how come InfoWars, one of the most notorious outlets of sick conspiracy theories, is allowed to maintain a page on the social network?

So it wasn’t Anderson Cooper who called Donald Trump a pathetic loser on Twitter after all…

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper found himself making headlines last week when his Twitter account appeared to have said something apparently designed to bruise the US president’s ego.

Fake BBC and CNN reports claim £1 iPhone. Beware of Yotuube!

Have you found yourself on a webpage that breathlessly tells you that an iPhone 6 can be yours for just £1.

Maybe you made the same mistake as I made, and mistyped a URL…

Sunday Times reporter tells CNN everything you need to know about Snowden story

Perhaps unwittingly, the Sunday Times has revealed on video everything you need to know about its recent Edward Snowden report.

Cyber attacks against TV stations aren’t a new thing. Just ask CNN

As TV5MONDE gets attacked by hackers and TV programmes go off-air, cast your mind back ten years to the Zotob worm.

Regular programming on CNN was disrupted after its newsroom got infected.

CNN website, Twitter and Facebook hijacked by Syrian Electronic Army

Someone at CNN’s social media team clearly could do with a freshen-up on their computer security training.

Beware! Fake CNN emails about USA bombing Syria spread malware

Malicious hackers have spammed out an attack designed to infect computers, disguised as a breaking news story about the United States bombing Syria.

Webcam hacker threatens Miss Teen USA

Miss Teen USA, Cassidy Wolf, says that she is the latest victim of sextortion – after a blackmailing hacker allegedly broke into her computer, took over her webcam and threatened to release candid secretly-taken photos of the teenager in her bedroom.

How Outbrain got hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army

Popular websites like CNN, The Washington Post and Time magazine were impacted by the hack, and the New York Times escaped by the skin of its teeth.

Washington Post hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army, amid claims that TIME and CNN were also hit

The Washington Post is the latest in a long line of media organisations to have suffered at the hands of the notorious hacking group, the Syrian Electronic Army.

Spanish train disaster exploited by sick malware authors

Sick-minded malware authors are taking advantage of people’s interest in Spain’s worst train accident since the 1940s to spread their attacks.

Beware! Fake CNN Breaking News emails spread malware attack

If you receive an unsolicited email containing breaking news, apparently from an organisation like CNN, be on your guard.

It may be that online criminals are attempting to infect your computer.

Pope sued over sexual abuse and not wearing seatbelt? Fake CNN and BBC news alerts spread malware

Malware campaigns spammed out in the last 24 hours have pretended to be breaking news stories from the likes of CNN and the BBC.

Gotye is NOT dead, despite what you may read on CNN iReport

Twitter was all a flutter this weekend with users reacting to the alleged death of music star Gotye.

And although the news appeared on a CNN website – it doesn’t mean you should believe it.

US attacks Iran and Saudi Arabia? Malware spreads via Facebook status updates

A fake CNN webpage is being linked to from Facebook users’ status updates, claiming that World War III has begun.

But the real story is the malware waiting to infect your computer.

Japanese Tsunami RAW Tidal Wave Footage – Bogus CNN video scams Facebook users

Facebook users are being tricked into clicking on links which claim to be raw CNN footage of the Japanese tsunami by cold-hearted scammers – as part of a plot to earn money by driving web traffic to take online surveys.