Japanese Tsunami RAW Tidal Wave Footage – Bogus CNN video scams Facebook users

Facebook users are being tricked into clicking on links which claim to be raw CNN footage of the Japanese tsunami by cold-hearted scammers – as part of a plot to earn money by driving web traffic to take online surveys.

Japanese Tsunami Launches Whale Into Building? It’s a Facebook clickjack scam

Sick-minded scammers are up to their dirty tricks again, trying to make a quick buck out of the Japanese earthquake and subsequent tsunami which has shocked people around the world.

This time they promise a video of a whale launched into a building by the power of the tsunami.

What is FouTube? Viral Facebook clickjacking video scams explored

FouTube, FbVideo, YoTube.. What are these sites?

And why should you be wary of odd video links on Facebook?

Charlie Sheen has NOT been found dead in his house, despite what Facebook clickjackers say

Scammers claim Charlie Sheen has died from a cardiac arrest and been taken away in an ambulance.

But it’s all a Facebook scam to earn revenue by tricking users into taking surveys.

Christina Aguilera got arrested video scam spreads virally on Facebook

The latest scam – which innocent Facebook users are being tricked into clicking on – involves a message about Christina Aguilera, who was arrested in an intoxicated state earlier this week.

Fiona Xie sex videos clickjack Facebook users

In the last 24 hours, admirers of Singapore celebrity Fiona Xie have been tempted into clicking on a link which has spread virally via Facebook.

Lost all respect for Emma Watson? Facebook clickjacking attack spreads virally

Emma Watson, the actress who plays the part of Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies, has found herself the subject of a viral clickjacking scam on Facebook.

Cheryl Cole clickjacking on Facebook, posing as a BBC news report

Clickjacking scammers pose as BBC News report and Cheryl Cole paparazzi pictures to earn money via Facebook.

6 year old’s Happy Meal from McDonalds leads to Facebook clickjacking scam

Happy Meal horror for 6 year old? It’s another Facebook scam spreading virally. Clickjacking technique helps spammers spread “Likes” to their webpages amongst innocent Facebook users.

Revenge on an ex-girlfriend or a Facebook clickjacking attack?

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Cheerleaders Gone Wild clickjacking spreads virally across Facebook

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Girl who had sex with 5000 men exploited by sleazy Facebook scammers

The story of a British woman who claims to have slept with 5000 men over the course of the last nine years, has been exploited by Facebook scammers.

95% say Facebook needs to do more to fight clickjacking worms, poll reveals

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Facebook users clickjacked by the 101 Hottest Women in the World

Beware Jessica Alba! She may (or may not) be one of the 101 hottest women in the world – but she is also being used as a lure by Facebook survey scammers.

Don’t click on ‘Paramore n-a-k-ed photo leaked!’ Facebook link

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