Firms running Cisco WebEx are told to update their software… again!

It feels like no time at all since businesses were being advised to update their installations of Cisco’s WebEx conferencing software to deal with a security issue.

And that’s because, it is barely any time at all…

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Firms using WebEx at risk of poisoned Flash attacks

Companies should check they are running latest version of WebEx, and beware attacks via the road less travelled.

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Critical Cisco security hole could lead to hackers seizing control of thousands of home routers

If you are a company running Cisco Prime Home to control your customers’ devices – update it now.

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Corporations at risk of malware attack via Cisco’s WebEx Chrome extension

A warning has been issued that companies who have installed the popular Cisco WebEx extension on Chrome could have opened themselves up to malicious attacks.

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Applied for a job at Cisco? Your personal data and passwords could have been stolen

An incorrect setting could make the difference between your website being insecure, or wide open for hackers to steal massive amounts of your users’ personal data.

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Cisco customers targeted by hackers using leaked NSA hacking tools

Cisco has announced it will be releasing a patch for a zero-day vulnerability exploited by a group of NSA hackers.

David Bisson reports.

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Whoops! Cisco changed its default admin password (to ‘Cisco1234’)

Having trouble accessing your shiny new Cisco kit with the default password of “password”.

That’s because Cisco changed the password – seemingly without telling anyone. Be sure to change it yourself.

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WebEx Android app users told to update ASAP, due to risk of attack

Security hole in WebEx Meetings app could open door for malicious attackers.

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Malware suicide-bombing, as described by the Daily Mail and Weekly World News

The Daily Mail has compared the Rombertik malware to a “suicide bomber”.


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Use this phone at work? You could be at risk of eavesdropping thanks to unpatched flaw

Cisco has warned that hackers could eavesdrop upon your private communications, thanks to an unpatched firmware flaw in some of its small business phones.

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