Robotics supplier’s sloppy security leaks ten years’ worth of data from major car manufacturers

Security researchers have discovered 157 gigabytes of sensitive data from over 100 manufacturing companies left exposed online for anyone to access.

First a Jeep gets hacked, now the class-action suit

Fiat Chrysler and Uconnect manufacturer Harman are hit by a law suit from disgruntled Jeep owners, concerned that the high-profile vehicle hack has shown their vehicles to be defective.

Jeep hacking and the risks posed by the internet of things

As more and more technology becomes internet-enabled, whether it be your car, your fridge, your thermostat, your television, your baby monitor… the greater the opportunities for manufacturers to mess up, and do a poor job of security.

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Car-hacking expert urges Jeep owners to install security update

Jeep owners – you don’t want someone having “unlawful access” to your vehicle’s systems, right?

Of course not.