Casino customers and employees put at risk after FireKeepers hack

Sloppy security can hit your business hard. If you don’t make information security a board level issue then your company is effectively playing Russian roulette with its future.

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Microsoft privacy and surveillance site compromised to promote online casinos

Well, this is embarrassing…

The website set up by Microsoft to fight the United States government on issues of over-reaching surveillance has been hacked.

If you’re a gambler, you don’t want to receive a tip like this from your casino…

Maybe the best advice if you’re going to a casino right now is to leave your credit cards safely at home, and just take a small amount of cash instead.

Hard Rock’s Las Vegas Hotel & Casino hit by hackers

Hard Rock admits that approximately 173,000 unique payment card details were at risk during September 2014 and April this year.

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United States blames Iran for hack of world’s largest gambling company

Iran has been blamed by a senior US intelligence official, for launching a damaging attack against the Las Vegas Sands casino corporation.

Casino spam poses as foolproof betting system

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