Canadian Pharmacy

Don’t trust Facebook emails claiming unread messages will be deleted

Canadian pharmacy spammers are up to their dirty tricks again.

As if you’d *ever* believe Facebook was going to delete any of your data… smirk.

Fake Zendesk security notice spammed out, directs traffic to Canadian drug websites

Should you trust the security notice you have just been emailed, telling you to watch out for scam emails and to use hard-to-crack passwords?

Perhaps not…

Hard to believe, but Viagra spam like this must actually work

Not all cybercriminal activity is sophisticated.

It doesn’t have to be clever in order to earn money for the bad guys. If you never buy goods promoted via spam, life becomes much harder for the spammers. And maybe they’ll have to find something else to do with their time.

A new profile on Facebook? No, it’s spam promoting the Toronto Drug Store

If you receive an email, apparently from Facebook, telling you that you now have a new kind of profile – you shouldn’t automatically believe it.

LinkedIn spam drives traffic to Toronto Drug Store

That email you just received from LinkedIn might be promoting a Thanksgiving sale of Viagra instead..

Invited to change your Twitter profile’s header image? Beware, it could be drug spam

Inventive spammers are up to their old tricks again, desperate to do whatever it takes to get you to click on a link to their websites.

Beware fake Facebook notifications arriving in your email

Many Naked Security readers have been in touch asking about emails they have received, claiming to come from Facebook.

1 lost message on Facebook? Spammers pull a fast one with bogus notification

Facebook claims to have more than 750 million users, and many of them would have steam coming out of their ears if they thought they had lost a message from one of their Facebook friends.

And that’s exactly what spammers are banking on in their latest campaign.

A direct message from Twitter Administration. Can you tell if it’s legitimate or not?

For a long time we’ve seen spammers, phishers and malware authors concealing their advertising pitches, scams and malicious payloads by pretending to be a message from one of the social networks.

But can you tell what the purpose of this one is?

Pharmaceutical spammers pose as Twitter warnings

Account warning from Twitter in your email? You’ve just been propositioned by a pharmaceutical spammer. Learn about the attack and why you should be wary of buying drugs online.

‘Adultfriendfinder new messages’ spam campaign hits hard

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Romance and Skype deliveries plundered by spammers

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Canadian Pharmacy spammers set up shop on Twitter

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