Your $350 Nike self-lacing sneakers aren’t as smart as you hoped

Owners of Nike’s “smart” sneakers are up in arms that their $350 footwear had been bricked by a faulty Android app update.

Sometimes simple is better than “smart”.


French man sues Uber after privacy bug led wife to suspect adultery

Modern technology has probably done more than its fair share to ignite illicit relationships, but it can also lead to a romantic affair’s unravelling.

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Watching a video can crash and freeze any iPhone

Pranksters are distributing a link to an online video, that has the power to freeze your iPhone.

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Got an F-35 stealth jet? You may need to turn its radar off and on again

This software glitch’s solution is down to earth.

Don’t you dare say ‘Everyone will know’ on Facebook!

Facebook briefly and, one assumes, accidentally bans users from posting messages saying “Everyone will know” – believing them to be spam or malicious.

Watch my video to learn more.

Windows 10 borked by automatic updates of Nvidia drivers

Windows 10! No more update headaches for home users – huzzah! Automatic updates save the day!

Umm… Oh dear. Maybe that wasn’t such a great idea after all…

Turn your Boeing 787 off and on again, or it will crash

Don’t make the mistake of leaving your Boeing 787 switched on for 248 days. Because an integer overflow bug could cause it to crash.

Buggy Norton Internet Security update crashes Internet Explorer

Make sure you have a back-up browser on your PC, just in case you need to check a Symantec support advisory next time a Norton security update busts Internet Explorer.


Watch out! iOS 8 ‘Reset All Settings’ bug could wipe your iCloud files

Be careful accessing the “Reset All Settings” option in iOS 8 – you might find you’ve just permanently deleted all of the documents in your iCloud Drive.

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Gmail for iOS users told to check their trash and spam before Feb 14th

Google has thrown some iPhone users’ Gmail messages into the trash can. And you’ve only got until Feb 14th to get them out.

Google Talk privacy bug sees messages sent to wrong recipients!

It seems there’s a serious privacy bug affecting Google Talk right now, with users reporting that their private conversations are being shared with the wrong recipients.

First actual computer bug was found today, 66 years ago

66 years ago, on the 9th September, 1947, operators of the Mark II Aiken Relay Computer being tested at Harvard University, found a bug.

And, in so doing, made history.

How the Twitter bug could have been much much worse

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