Brian Krebs

Facebook crime forums existed unchallenged for up to nine years

Cybersecurity blogger Brian Krebs spent just a couple of hours last week hunting for the Facebook forums used by fraudsters, and what he discovered is alarming.

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Heads-up teenage hoodlums! Don’t SWAT Brian Krebs or else…

If you’re going to get your kicks SWATting others, my recommendation is not to target investigative cybercrime blogger Brian Krebs.

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Ouch! Security expert writes book about hackers, then his publisher is hacked

Brian Krebs’s upcoming book is bound to be brilliant because, well.. frankly, everything Krebs does is brilliant.

But it’s kinda ironic that his publisher got hacked, with customers’ credit card details put at risk.

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42 million passwords exposed following massive dating website hack

In what must rate as one of the worst password security breaches ever, it has been discovered that the names, addresses, dates of birth and *unencrypted* passwords of over 40 million online daters have been stolen by hackers.

Are you one of those who has been put at risk?

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Hackers tried to frame security blogger Brian Krebs in heroin plot

Cybercriminals don’t send gutsy security blogger rockstar Brian Krebs birthday cards.

Instead, they try to frame him by sending a dozen bags of heroin to his home in Northern Virginia.

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The biggest Mac malware attack of all time – blogger names suspected mastermind

Award-winning security blogger Brian Krebs has shared details of his investigation into who might have been behind Flashback – which hit more than 600,000 Mac computers in early 2012.

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Irresponsible disclosure? That’s a big fat zero

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