Suspected MegalodonHTTP DDoS botnet author arrested

Advertised for a low price on hacking forums inevitably made MegalodonHTTP attractive to some.

Hacked shopping mall CCTV cameras are launching DDoS attacks

If you’re running a CCTV surveillance camera in your office, high street store, or at home make sure that you are not unwittingly helping hackers launch denial-of-service attacks.

Read more in my article on the Tripwire State of Security blog.

The Dridex botnet ain’t done yet, say researchers

Security researchers are finding signs that a botnet responsible for infecting computers with the banking malware Dridex might still be functioning despite a recent international takedown.

David Bisson reports.

Free VPN? You had best read the small print…

Just because software is free doesn’t mean it’s bad.

But make sure you read the small print to understand what it’s doing.

A quick way to tell if your PC was infected by the Simda botnet

Some 770,000 PCs around the world are thought to have been hit by the Simda botnet, which has been taken down by the authorities.

Could you have been one of the victims?

17,000 Macs recruited into malware botnet, with a little help from Reddit

Security researchers believe that they have uncovered a new botnet, which has recruited thousands of Mac computers.

And Reddit is helping the botmasters communicate with the infected Mac computers.

Botnets: What are they, and how can you protect your computer?

Chances are that every day your email address receives more than its fair share of spam messages.

But have you ever wondered how all that spam was sent in the first place?

Learn more in my article on the Intralinks blog.

Mariposa botnet mastermind receives almost five year prison sentence

Matjaž Škorjanc, also known as “Iserdo”, has been sentenced to prison for nearly five years by a Slovenian court, after writing a piece of malware used to infect millions of computers around the world.

Almost 2 million stolen passwords uncovered in cybercrime haul

A stash of almost two million usernames and passwords, stolen by cybercriminals from users of Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn and many other sites, has been uncovered.

And it makes for some sorry reading.

How malware could steal sensitive data from an air-gapped computer – via high frequency sound

German researchers say they have found a way to transmit data from infected computers, when they aren’t connected to any other devices or networks.

NSA’s website goes offline. Human screw-up or DDoS attack?

The National Security Agency’s website goes down.

Is it the work of hackers, or a just a regular technical screw-up?

Google fights ‘censorship via cyber attack’ with Project Shield

Sorry political hackers! Google says it is expanding its DDoS mitigation to help protect free expression online.

Google’s Digital Attack Map plots DDoS attacks around the world

Check out this visualisation of denial-of-service attacks happening today, around the world.

Be a spam-fighting superhero this July 4th Independence Day

Global recession? What global recession?

If there’s one industry which is booming, despite the tough economic times, it’s cybercrime – and nowhere is that more obvious to the average man in the street than the sector of cybercrime that concerns itself with spam. Here’s how to fight back

The biggest Mac malware attack of all time – blogger names suspected mastermind

Award-winning security blogger Brian Krebs has shared details of his investigation into who might have been behind Flashback – which hit more than 600,000 Mac computers in early 2012.

Chameleons, botnets and click fraud

A botnet called “Chameleon” is said to be generating more than $6 million a month through bogus clicks on online adverts.

Find out more about how click fraud works.