Did the Mirai botnet knock Liberia offline? Not so much

A story spread like wildfire across the world’s media claiming that the small West African country of Liberia had been blasted off the internet by a massive DDoS attack.

But don’t be too quick to believe everything you read in the papers…

‘Good’ anti-Mirai worm is pulled from Github following backlash

An anti-worm worm, designed to clean-up the Internet of insecure Things, has had its code pulled from Github.

Which is probably a good thing.

Could a ‘good worm’ save the Internet of Things from the Mirai botnet?

Researcher Leo Linsky calls his creation an “anti-worm worm (or nematode)”.

I call it a potential breach of computer crime legislation.

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Webcam firm recalls hackable devices after mighty Mirai botnet attack

Chinese firm says it will recall vulnerable components, but as long as insecure devices continue to be attached to the internet, there will be opportunities for malicious hackers to exploit them and use them for their own ends.

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For rent: An IoT botnet to take down much of the internet

Want to hire 100,000 IoT devices to launch a massive denial-of-service attack? That will cost just $7,500.

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Post-Mirai, how to better protect your IoT devices

The Mirai Internet of Things botnet is making its unpleasant presence felt.

Yasin Soliman reports on how you should defend your IoT devices.

Many Sierra Wireless devices compromised by Mirai botnet, warns US government

DDoS malware is infecting cellular gateways warns the Department of Homeland Security.

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NyaDrop exploiting Internet of Things insecurity to infect Linux devices with malware

A Linux threat known as NyaDrop is exploiting a lack of security in Internet of Things (IoT) devices to infect them with malware.

David Bisson reports.

These 60 dumb passwords can hijack over 500,000 IoT devices into the Mirai botnet

As long as there is a demand for cheap IoT devices, there will be plenty of manufacturers happy to cut corners and put the internet community at risk.

400 Android apps hiding DressCode malware on Google Play Store

Trojanised apps continue to be uncovered in the official Google Play Android app store, including a Grand Theft Auto-themed mod for Minecraft.

David Bisson reports.

Download the Mirai source code, and you can run your own Internet of Things botnet

Hijacking millions of IoT devices for evil just became that little bit easier.

How 911 emergency services across the United States could be knocked offline by a mobile botnet

Israeli researchers have published a paper describing how hackers could use a mobile botnet to threaten the United States’s 911 emergency call infrastructure.

David Bisson reports.

DressCode? More like code for an Android botnet…

Google is working to remove malicious apps that enlist infected Android devices into a botnet from its Play Store.

David Bisson reports.

SoakSoak using compromised websites to spread CryptXXX ransomware

The SoakSoak botnet is compromising business websites so that they redirect visitors to the Neutrino exploit kit and CryptXXX ransomware.

David Bisson reports.

LizardStresser recruits an army of zombie webcams to launch DDoS attacks

If you have left your internet-accessible webcam unsecured, there is a chance that it has been compromised by malicious hackers and is participating in a wave of enormous distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks against gaming sites, online banks, ISPs, and government departments.

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Dridex malware adopts redirection attacks to target high-value UK banking customers

The Dridex trojan has adopted a new attack methodology that it is using to target high-value customers of several UK banks.

David Bisson reports.