Blackhole exploit kit

Suspected Blackhole Exploit Kit creator, and 12 others, prosecuted by Russian authorities

If the Russian authorities really do have their hands on the Blackhole Exploit Kit’s creator, and his collaborators, then that is good news for everyone on the internet.

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Suspected Blackhole Exploit Kit mastermind arrested

No tears will be lost if the authorities really do have the author of the Blackhole Exploit Kit in custody.

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Shock! Horror! Surprise! Yes, some Royal Baby malware has been discovered

Online criminals have attempted to take advantage of the royal birth, security researchers have discovered.

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Source code for the Carberp banking malware kit is leaked online

It has just become that little bit easier to rob someone’s online bank account.

An archive containing the notorious financial malware kit has been distributed online, and a password to unlock its code published.

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Blackhole malware attack spread via ‘Your photos’ email

A malware attack has been spammed out widely via email to internet users, posing as a message about photos.

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Offensive Facebook email leads to Blackhole malware attack

Facebook users are warned to be on their guard against unsolicited emails they might receive suggesting that someone has left an offensive comment about them on their wall.

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Insecure WordPress blogs unwittingly host Blackhole malware attack

A major malware campaign has been spread via spam email and compromised self-hosted WordPress blogs, attempting to infect computers using the notorious Blackhole exploit kit.

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Outbreak: Blackhole malware attack spreading on Twitter using “It’s you on photo?” disguise

Watch out! Malicious links are being spammed out on Twitter, designed to infect your Windows PC using the Blackhole exploit kit.

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Blackhole malware attack poses as rejected wire transfer email

SophosLabs is intercepting a wave of malicious emails that have been spammed out around the world, luring unsuspecting internet users into clicking on a malicious attachment.

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Malware spread as Facebook photo tag notification

Be wary of emails claiming to be from Facebook, and saying that you have been tagged in a photograph.

Malicious hackers are once again using the Blackhole exploit kit to infect the computers of unsuspecting internet users.

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